The Health Services Virtual Organisation (HSVO) project is a research platform for the experimental development of shared Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for health services.  In the context of the Network-Enabled Platforms, the project offers support to distributed communities of learners and health-care practitioners.  One edge device includes an array of overhead cameras intended to give remote viewers the opportunity to see classroom demonstrations from a variety of angles and without being obstructed by physical objects such as tools and the instructor.


Develop a client application to control the view of multiple simultaneous streaming video feeds from a remote array of cameras.


I developed several Flash-based prototypes that allowed the user to change which camera stream appeared in the main view from a selection of up to 20 different camera feeds including an overhead feed.  The system also allowed the instructor to set a recommended feed, enabling the user’s view to follow the recommendations of the instructor.  A final prototype was built that allowed the user to select any angle of view, send the view information to a 3D digital image stitching and rendering server developed by other researchers, and display the resulting, reconstructed feed which enabled the user to see the demonstration from any of 360 degrees.


Demo screencast video and interaction design by Adriana Olmos.