Each year, McGill University welcomes around 6000 new students all of whom are invited to participate in Orientation Week, a week-long series of events aimed at welcoming students to their new home.  The event is a cross-campus collaboration among more than 20 McGill offices and student organizations that host about 50 different events each year.


Develop a website to allow first-year students to register for Orientation Week activities and to allow event organizers to manage their events and their events’ participants.  Create a communication platform that is device and service agnostic for an international student population.


I worked to develop three different iterations of the O-Week website, including the original inception of the platform.  The front-end is based on Bootstrap templates, and my work has been focused on building the back-end (database design and implementation) and business logic to power the entire site, from basic event listings to complex event management logic, which I designed and implemented from the ground up based on user research completed with 12 client groups.  I also developed a Twilio integration that meshes the organizational structure of O-Week with the data and business logic of the website allowing for different organization groupings to call, leave voice or text messages with, or open conference calls with other organization groupings as well as allowing first-year students to call or text to receive personalized information about their week.